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The Avocet Espresso Cup is created with inspiration from the majestic shorebird, the avocet. Just like the avocet itself, this cup is elegant in its form. The black-and-white glaze chosen for this cup represents the avocet’s colors, creating a beautiful contrast between black and white.

The cup is shaped with love for the craft and glazed with our own unique glazes. It is perfect for enjoying your morning coffee or afternoon tea in peace and tranquility. Purchase this unique ceramic cup and let the wild beauty of the Wadden Sea take over your home.

The cup can hold 175 ml.

Dishwasher safe.

As the cups are handmade, there may be minor variations in color and glaze. This is entirely normal and does not affect the quality, overall appearance, or use of the product. This is the charm of a handmade cup.

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